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Hot Water Repairs & Install Sydney

No hot water or intermittent hot / cold? We can help with Electric, Solar and Gas

Our Sydney plumbers will get your hot water system back on as quickly as possible.

We customise our services to ensure that your hot water issues are met on time and on budget with upfront fixed pricing.

On arrival, our team will check over your current system and run you through the range of systems (electric, gas or solar) to best suit your needs and to save money towards the most economic future benefits.

We also offer interest free finance.

Following your hot water service, we can offer a FREE safety inspection in order to make sure all your plumbing is up to Australian Standard.

Our specialist hot water plumbers at Dylsal Plumbing service all areas of Sydney.

Hot Water Installation, Repair & Maintenance

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Electric Hot Water System Sydney

Electric Hot Water System Install & Repair

If your home or business doesn’t have a gas connection, an electric hot water heater is an efficient and reliable alternative.

While electric hot water is cheaper to install than gas, they are slightly more expensive to run in the long run.

An added advantage with electric hot water systems is  that you get full mains pressure to showers, washing machines, dishwashers, baths – all at the same time!

They are generally the cheapest option, easy to install and hassle-free to run.

Gas hot water system Sydney

Gas Hot Water Installation

Gas is the most common type of hot water heater in Australia.

These systems use gas to heat up water for the home or office.

Besides being less expensive to operate than electric, they also heat up faster and can provide a 24 hour supply of hot water.

Gas hot water systems come with several advantages.

One of which is that they require low maintenance and they do not break down often.

If you lose electricity supply – with a gas hot water system your heating or supply of hot water will not be interrupted suddenly.

Solar Hot Water System Sydney

Solar Hot Water Repair & Install

Made from roof mounted solar panels connected to a nearby water storage tank, the panels convert the sun’s rays into energy to heat the water.

During low-periods of sun activity, an additional gas or electric booster is used to provide a 24 hour supply of hot water.

Due to its renewable benefits, solar hot water can save up to 50 or 60 percent on your electricity bills compared to electric hot water systems.

As more people become concerned with the escalating cost of energy a great exodus is taking place as green / renewable energy becomes the mainstay of our society.

Solar hot water systems will cost a little more for installation but you can be sure that the saving will add up in a few years.

Heat Pumps Sydney

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work like an air conditioner, but instead of extracting from ambient air and converting into cool air, the heat pump processes the air through a serious of compressors and condensers to heat the water.

Renowned for its energy saving benefits, heat pumps can use up to two-thirds less electricity than an electric hot water heater.


  • Saves money in the long term
  • Energy-efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional water heating system
  • Effective in lower temperatures
  • No need for solar panels, inverters, and batteries
  • Easy to install and connect to your hot water plumbing


  • Not suitable in extremely cold climates
  • Can purchase a booster in cold climates, but it is costly
  • May be unreliable if installed or used incorrectly
  • High initial costs
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Common Hot Water System issues

Having no hot water can be very frustrating. Here are some points that may help.

Your hot water system might need to be replaced when:
Hot water installation and repair Sydney
hot water system repairs

Sydney’s Hot Water Specialists

An advantage of having an electric hot water system storage system on a property that has several stories is that wherever the location of the heater, you may be able to achieve an exceptional flow rate of water.

This can be done even when you are not able have the water storage system installed up high in the property. You can still be able to have high pressured warm water.

When your hot water system fails, it causes an inconvenience that can disrupt your lifestyle and potentially your business.

Even worse, a faulty hot water system can be a massive safety risk and even increase your water and energy bills. 

At Dylsal Plumbing, our experts work efficiently to restore your hot water system.

You can be confident in the wealth of knowledge, skills and experience our expert technicians have to make the process quick and easy. 

We provide a range of hot water systems including electric, gas, heat pump and solar and use only Australia’s most trusted suppliers such as Rinnai and Rheem.

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