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Dylsal Plumbing has local experience in Kenthurst and understand that you have unique plumbing needs.

Our local plumbers are always happy to accommodate your individual plumbing needs. We pride ourselves on being fully licensed, honest and upfront, being prompt and on time every time, and most importantly making sure you are satisfied. 

Plumber Kenthurst specialise in a range of services, including gas fittings, residential and commercial plumbing, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, maintenance plumbing, blocked drains, hot water systems and more.

We offer a $0 call out fee, providing Kenthurst homeowners with a completely FREE quote regarding our plumbing services.

We are here to deliver our valued customers a guaranteed professional service that is not only affordable but guaranteed to leave you satisfied every time.

If you are a home or business owner and need a plumbing service carried out in Kenthurst, get in touch with Dylsal Plumbing today.

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Open 24/7 Plumbing Services in Kellyville

We are OPEN 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week!

Whether you have an issue with your toilet, bathroom, kitchen, hot water system or blocked drain – you can trust in Plumber Kenthurst to deliver exceptional results with the utmost professionalism.

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We understand that no job is the same and each client comes with a unique set of requirements.

Maintenance Plumbing

Are you experiencing leaking pipes, noisy toilets, low water pressure, no hot water or have other any other general plumbing issues?

Then you’ll appreciate our professionalism, expertise and great service you receive from Dylsal Plumbing.

From upfront fixed pricing and a Gold Medal service, Dylsal Plumbing can help you.

We are open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. 

We understand that plumbing is not always a big job and you might need a simple tap or shower head fixed, that’s why we charge fixed prices and don’t overcharge like most big plumbing companies out there. 

Dylsal Plumbing is the plumber Kenthurst homeowners trust for all your maintenance plumbing needs.

Maintanence Plumber
blocked drains dylsal plumbing

Blocked Drains

Is water overflowing inside or outside your home?

Are your toilets, sinks, showers or baths slow to drain the water?

Can you hear a gurgling noise when water flows? Is your toilet overflowing? Have you noticed an unpleasant odour in the bathroom, laundry or sink?

If these sound familiar, you might have a blocked sewer pipe which can create some big issues if not cleared and repaired.

Blocked drains can be a serious matter. A poorly functioning drainage system can cause many problems not only for your home but also your health. Dylsal Plumbing are professional and reliable plumbers who are blocked drain expert plumbers in Kenthurst.

Gas Fitting

Installing Or Repairing Gas Lines?

Gas is not something to fool around with and needs to be left to a fully certified and qualified gas fitter.

Dylsal Plumbing employs fully licensed, professional, trained and experienced gas fitters in Kenthurst.

With years of experience in the plumbing industry, we have become a trusted name throughout Sydney.

We provide first-rate, upfront, reliable services and affordable rates.

We are also staffed with an emergency gas fitting response team to ensure the safety of our clients.

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DYLSAL hot water system service

Hot Water System Repairs and Installs

No Hot Water Or Intermittent Hot/Cold? We Can Help With Electric, Solar And Gas Systems.

Our Kenthurst plumbers will get your hot water system back on as quickly as possible.

We customise our services to ensure that your hot water issues are met on time and on budget with upfront fixed pricing.

On arrival, our team will check over your current system and run you through the range of systems (electric, gas or solar) to best suit your needs and to save money towards the most economic future benefits.

We also offer interest free finance.

Following your hot water service, we can offer a FREE safety inspection in order to make sure all your plumbing is up to Australian Standard.

Our specialist hot water plumbers at Dylsal Plumbing service all areas of Sydney.

Bathroom/Kitchen Renovations

Are You Planning To Renovate Your Kitchen, Bathroom Or Laundry?

Dylsal Plumbing are the plumbing professionals you can trust with your newly renovated kitchen, bathroom, or laundry.

We offer outstanding workmanship and quality products. We install quality fixtures, appliances and fittings in the kitchen such as dishwashers, taps and sink.

Bathroom: shower heads, taps, faucets, drains, choosing the right toilet and installing plus more.

Laundry: drains, washing machine installation, taps and more.

We offer upfront pricing and a $0 call out fee to come and inspect the work and offer a quote at an unbeatable price.

Call plumber Kenthurst today, and we’ll assist you with choosing the right toilet and taps for your bathroom, kitchen and toilet.

Sydney bathroom plumbing
Dylsal Plumbing commercial plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

We understand the unique commercial plumbing needs of our customers, whether it’s installation or repairs.

With years of experience in commercial plumbing and emergency plumbing services, we excel in providing Kenthurst with outstanding commercial plumbing solutions.

Our standard is high quality products and workmanship with a focus on timely service and affordable rates.

That’s why Dylsal Plumbing is the plumber Kenthurst business owners trust when it comes to general and emergency plumbing.

Why Choose Plumber Kenthurst?

We have an excellent emergency response system in place so you can call us at any time and expect assistance.

We also have the equipment and manpower required to handle commercial plumbing emergencies easily.

Every job will be handled professionally and you will find that our personnel work in a methodical, professional and meticulous manner.

For all your commercial plumbing needs in Sydney, you can count on the expertise, professionalism and great service you receive from Dylsal Plumbing.

  • We’re a licensed, insured and well-established company.
  • We have worked on several commercial projects and know the latest government rules and regulations regarding commercial plumbing.
  • Our prices are reasonable, upfront and affordable so you can be certain that our services will fit into your budget.
We have been servicing the Hills District for many years and therefore have an abundance of knowledge and experience working in areas such as: Galston, Castle Hill and Kellyville.


Emergency Plumber

When it comes to emergency plumbing in Kenthurst, Dylsal is always the experts to help you, available 24/7 to help you out of tough situations. We understand that sometimes plumbing issues cannot wait, and are always willing to help. Emergency Plumber Kenthurst.

Gas Plumbing

Are you installing or repairing gas lines in Kenthurst? Gas is not something you fool around with, and should always be left to a fully certified and qualified gas fitter. Dylsal employs fully licensed, experienced gas fitting professionals to assist with any gas line work in Kenthurst. Gas plumbing Kenthurst.

Residential Plumbing

Dylsal Plumbing plumbers specialise in residential plumbing and come experienced and equipped to handle any job in Kenthurst. We are affordable, professional, respond quickly and are trusted in thousands of homes across Sydney. No other plumbing company matches the commitment to service and customer satisfaction that Dylsal Plumbing provides. Residential plumbing Kenthurst.

Commercial Plumbing

Dylsal Plumbing provides Kenthurst with commercial plumbing solutions to a range of commercial, retail, healthcare, apartment and residential customers. Commercial plumbing in Sydney demands a huge range and scope of tools, talent and expertise to provide the services required. Industrial grade products, construction, service and solutions must all be met. Dylsal Plumbing plumbers are fully qualified and up to date with industry standards. Commercial plumbing Kenthurst.

Renovation Plumbing

Planning to renovate your kitchen, laundry or bathroom? Dylsal has years of experience in renovation plumbing and can help with any plumbing needs in Kenthurst. From plumbing toilets, to installing washing machine taps Dylsal can help with all renovation plumbing. Renovation plumbing Kenthurst.

Maintenance Plumbing

Experiencing leaky pipes, taps, or inconsistent water flow? Not only can these lead to large amounts of water waste, but they may also stack up your water bills. With upfront pricing, free quotes combined with great knowledge and experience, Dylsal can help you with any plumbing issues in Kenthurst and surrounding areas. Contact us for any assistance or to answer any of your questions today! Maintenance plumbing Kenthurst.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can create serious issues, from bacteria and foul smells to flooding. Dylsal are experts in providing solutions for blocked drains. Common causes for blockage include solid items being dropped in drains, oil and grease, food products, hair, and tree roots causing issues. We have several methods to accurately inspect pipes without digging out the whole piping, saving both time and money. Dylsal plumbers are fully equipped to help unblock drains in the Kenthurst area. Blocked drains Kenthurst.

Hot Water Systems

Our specialist hot water system plumbers service all hot water system needs in Kenthurst. We provide a range of hot water systems, including gas, electric, heat pump and solar. Whether you need system installations, repairs or maintenance Dylsal are the plumbing specialists to help you. Following your hot water service, we can offer a FREE safety inspection in order to make sure all your plumbing is up to the current Australian Standard. Hot water systems Kenthurst.